Seafood Update 15th October

Seafood Update 15th October

Get ready for some great summer seafood…coming your way!

Fish: To start this week we have most of our fresh fish available excluding Blue Eye and Mullet. We anticipate these may become available later on this week and will confirm as soon as more information is made available. Don’t forget to stock up on our Fresh New Zealand Salmon which is on special in this month’s catalogue.

Prawns: As mentioned with the smaller catches of local prawns and an increasing demand for this product we will continue to see price increases. Don’t forget the annual prawn closure season in November, please order early to secure your frozen prawn needs for guarantee stock and competitive pricing. Due to the strong Aussie Dollar and peak production in Asia we are expecting prices to drop on our imported prawns and look forward to passing these savings to you.

Crabs: There are continued good catches of spanner crabs due to the increased water temperature. This enables our supplier to build a good stock piles of 1/2 cut cooked and cleaned spanner (code: 25521) now available and awaiting your order.

Imported Fish Fillets: We have been advised by our supplier that quantities of the Sealord Orange Roughy and Hoki Skin on will be limited until new stock arrives mid November. We will keep you posted with updates.

Enjoy your seafood!

~ George S.

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