October Seafood Market Update

October Seafood Market Update

Fresh Local Fish:

To ensure we offer you the highest quality products, our local fish is processed by a family-owned business who directly unload from a number of hand-selected fishing boats.  All our fresh fish fillets are processed at HACCP certified operations, with most local species of fish available and packaged in convenient 5Kg units, and can be ordered for next day delivery. Please ensure that your orders are place by 12pm midday Tuesday to Friday for next day delivery.

Our seafood availabilities are also emailed weekly from Tuesday, so to avoid missing out, please ensure you sign up to our email marketing subscription here. We have several local fish species on offer that include, Goldband Snapper, Barramundi, Red Emperor, Reef Fish, Yellowfin Tuna, Sweetlip and Swordfish. All fish species are subject to availability depending on the fisherman’s catch.

For other seafood specials, please click here.

Imported Products:

We have recently procured good stock levels of Coral Trout, King Snapper, Tropical Snapper, Monk Fish (Stargazer), Parrot, Pearl Perch, and Barramundi for your menu selections. There is also very healthy stock levels of Marinated Prawn Cutlets and we have secured some stock of natural cutlets and prawn meats as we are expecting shortages in these particular lines due to current stringent testing by AQIS which is causing numerous container ships being rejected. This will impact on availability of product and the flow on effect of price increases.


Just a reminder, we are ranging Pacific West’s 180 gram Lightly Smoked Salmon Portions Skin On (#29032), which is packaged in 5 Kg cartons. These are individually packaged for your convenience, and is well seasoned making it easy to cook and prepare and are an excellent choice for centre of plate. In addition, we also have Starpak Barramundi Fillets (skin off) 200/300 5 Kg at a red hot price during October. To take advantage of this great product (#90124), contact our friendly Customer Service Team or your local Sales Executive to place your order.

Local Prawns: 

Local prawn trawlers are advising that they are still recording very low catches of prawns, with some areas being affected by the annual closure in their region. These are expected to re-open in November. We have however, secured recent catches of medium and 10/15 prawns conveniently frozen on board in 5 kg cartons. Local Moreton Bay Bugs are also short in supply however, we are securing all stock that becomes available and are expecting more of this stock in late November.


If you’re after some excellent local oysters, we currently have some high quality, daily shucked oysters from Coffin Bay available for all your requirements that are currently in peak condition. Due to the Pacific Oyster Mortality that occured earlier this year, supplies of Pacific Oysters from Tasmania has had a detrimental impact on product availability, however we have secured good stock levels of frozen Tasmanian Oysters to cater to the rest of 2016. 

Melbourne Cup:

With Melbourne Cup fast approaching, we are expecting a very busy and exciting period, and would recommend that you place your orders for fresh seafood products as early as possible to avoid any disappointments. Please contact your Sales Executive or our Customer Service to place your order on 07 3375 2000.

~ George S.

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