March Seafood Market Update

March Seafood Market Update

March is the month of the Easter bunny, and we have a catalogue packed with seafood specials to celebrate. Our fresh seafood is all sourced and processed from the Eastern Coast of Queensland – direct from the fisherman, eliminating the travel time and ultimately getting fresher product to your tables. Check our availability list for all your favourite fresh seafood such as Snapper, Red Emperor, Tuna, Mahi Mahi and many more.

NEWS FLASH: Many oysters from Tasmania have been struck with Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome. This syndrome attacks juvenile oysters, killing off many of the young; which has affected nearly 70% of oyster farmers. With South Australia being the only producers of stock at present, this will impact severely on supply. To assist you, we have some excellent quality frozen Tasmanian and New Zealand Oysters in stock. Please ensure you secure this favourite entree early and avoid the risk of stock run out during the Easter rush.

Also, with the Australian dollar stabilising at around the 72c U.S. mark, we are still experiencing price increases in imported stock, in particular; prawn cutlets and Barramundi. Due to the current heat wave snap in Taiwan, there is a high mortality rate of Barramundi fillets, with larger size fillets 300/500 being scarce in the months to come. Whilst we will keep you updated on this, QffS has secured plenty of these products to protect your prices.

For that special plate of finger food or a small addition on your centre of plate; you cannot substitute some of QffS’ great value added lines, such as Salt & Pepper Squid, Tempura/Panko Fishbites, and the proven favourite, Beer Battered Flathead in all the four favourite brands, plus a variety of crumbed fillets to meet the needs of the not so adventurous.

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