Latest Seafood News 29th July

Latest Seafood News 29th July

Latest Seafood News…

Fish: Due to unseasonal weather occuring around the northern regions of Queensland catches on Goldband Snapper has affected suppy for this week, however we do have New Zealand Snapper available to fill the void. Please check out our availablity list of other species to top up your menu.

Prawns: As previously mentioned we continue to see price increases in all imported prawns – green, cooked and marinated. This has been brought on largely by the fatality of infant prawns that has followed on to cause a shortage in actual raw material. This is expected to continue over the coming months, this is a great opportunity to jump in and buy current stock at competitive pricing.

Imported frozen fillets: Don’t forget to try our special on Blue King Basa 120/170 #26623 at $16.00 per carton, this offer will end on Saturday 3rd of August and this price is only available with the purchase of 5 cartons or more.

Keep an eye out for more great specials in our upcoming August hotsheet available later this week.

~ George S.


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