Latest Seafood news 29th April

Latest Seafood news 29th April

Latest Seafood News…

Fish: To commence the week we can offer a range of fresh fish fillets and whole with the exception of Blue Eye and NZ Snapper and Salmon. In delivering quality product to your door the fish is processed the evening before as per requested order. All of our product is authentic local and supplied by a HACCP approved processor.

Coming into May we have some excellent specials across our seafood range available through our Hot Sheet and carton buy sale, get in touch with you sales representative today and take advantage.

Market Movement: As previously mentioned there has been slight increases in imported marinated prawn cutlets as they have arrived into the country. We are happy to inform you the recent shortage of Sealord products has eased and we are expecting steady supply of this well known brand over the coming months.

~ George S.


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