Latest Seafood News 27th May

Latest Seafood News 27th May

Latest Seafood News…

Fish: Check out our availability list for all product in stock for you this week. All available fillets can be purchased in 3 of 5kg units of sale to meet your needs. All stock is processed the night before delivery to provide optimum quality and freshness.

Prawns: We have good supply of cooked frozen and green prawns in stock awaiting your order. With large catches still being recorded product is available at a very competitive price.

Imported frozen fillets: We have a good range of the core imported fillets in stock, including Barramundi, Basa, Red spot Emperor and Tropical snapper to meet your needs. Most of these lines are available in graded sizes for your convenience.

Local Flake: As mentioned last week we have the local frozen flake back in stock. Due to the high demand and shortage in this product the fishermen have passed on a small price increase.

~ George S.


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