Latest Seafood News 24th June

Latest Seafood News 24th June

Latest Seafood News…

Fish: Because of a large number of reef boats not being operational this week due to weather and poor catches there is no Goldband Snapper available. However we can offer NZ Snapper as an alternative product to meet your requirements. This is a great chance to familiarise yourself with other species we have to offer you.

Prawns: We have just recieved new stock of Vannamei Black Tiger Prawns #26486.These are available in a 16/20 size. Keep an eye out for our upcoming July hotsheet where we will be further advertising this line.

Imported frozen fillets: We have a mixture of reef fish fillets that has arrived in stock for the beginning of the week, this includes Coral Trout, Red Emperor and white Snapper fillets all available in assorted fillet sizes.

~ George S.


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