Latest Seafood News 22nd July

Latest Seafood News 22nd July

Latest Seafood News…

Fish: We have a good range of guaranteed local Australian product available in whole fish or fillets, for your requirements this week. Please familiarise yourself with current availability sheet.

Prawns: I you have not already done so make sure you try our Vannamei Black Tiger Prawns 16/20 #26486 while they are on offer for a great price. Catches on local ocean King Prawns have diminished slightly that has reflected increased costs passed on by the fisherman.

Imported frozen fillets: We have for your convenience a good range of imported fish fillets including Barramundi, Snapper, Sweetlip and Red Throat Emperor but to name a few. These are available in 100/200, 200/300 and 300/500 to suit your requirements. We also have good stock levels of Orange Roughy and Hoki fillets.

Check out our latest hotsheet here to access further great offers.

~ George S.


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