July Seafood Updates

July Seafood Updates


Please note the changes to our Fresh Seafood ordering schedule. For next day delivery of fresh fish products, please ensure that your orders are place by 12pm midday Tuesday to Friday.  All our fresh fish fillets are processed at HACCP certificed operations and are packed in 3kg or 5kg quantities for your convenience. We are now offering a larger range of local fresh fish, such as Swordfish, Local Flake, South Australian Flathead fillets, Yellow Fin Tuna, and local Mooloolabah Snapper. To ensure the freshest products are available, our seafood availabilities will be emailed to our customers daily. To avoid missing out, please ensure you sign up with our email marketing subscription.

Imported Products:

As mentioned previously, we have good stock levels of imported Reef fillets, including Coral Trout, Red Spot Emperor, Snapper and Hoki, which are all available in popular sizes. Importers have passed on a reduction in cost of Marinated Prawn Cutlets, with stock available for all sizes. Please consult your Sales Executive for our competitive prices.  In addtion, importers have advised that prices for imported prawns have stabilised, which we expect to see remain low for some time.  There is also a current shortage in 300/500 imported Barramundi due to a shortage in raw materials, however, we have secured ample stock.

Local Prawns: 

Recently, there have been catches of larger local prawns, but prices still remain at a premium on this product. The trawlers have indicated that they don’t expect to catch the quantities of previous prawn catches, which will impact on prices remaining at their current levels.


If you’re after some excellent local oysters, we currently have some high quality, daily shucked oysters from Coffin Bay available for all your requirements. We have just received the first shipment of frozen Tasmanian Oysters into our warehouse, these are of high quality and are easily thawed for your convenience. The New Zealand Oyster season will re-open at the beginining of June and we have ample stock levels in our warehouse to meet your demands.

For more Seafood specials, please view our July Hot Sheet here. In particular, we have some great seafood specials, such as Markwell’s Crumbed Prawn Cutlets (#26774), or our Shore Mariner 16/20 Garlic Marinade Prawn Cutlets (#26952); as well as our Pacific West Beer Battered Flathead (#29117).

~ George S.


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