Festive Seafood Market Update

Festive Seafood Market Update

Festive Season Countdown:

With only 6 weeks till Christmas, now is the time to organise your seafood requirements for the Festive Season. To assist you in providing a jolly menu, we have recently caught local prawns in both large and medium sizes that are of excellent quality, as well as a large parcel of recently cooked medium Moreton Bay Bugs, which will do well to compliment any menu. There is also a large selection of locally caught fresh fish to satisfy your needs, so please refer to our daily Seafood availabilities.

For your finger food range, we have Seafood Baskets, Calamari Salt & Pepper Torpedoes, Hand Crumbed Flathead Fillets, and Prawn Twisters. In addition, we also have some exciting new product lines that will be a “must have” for your finger food selection, such as Pacific West’s Scallops or Prawn Dumplings served in mini coconut leaves and our exclusive product; Pacific West’s Chilli Squid Strips.

For other seafood specials, please contact your Sales Executive or Customer Service on 07 3375 2000, or to view our other specials, please click here.


To ensure we offer you the highest quality products, our local fish is processed by a family-owned business who directly unload from a number of hand-selected fishing boat. Most local species of fish are available and can be ordered for next day delivery, packaged in convenient 5Kg units. In this month’s catalogue, we are offering Atlantic Salmon, Goldband Snapper, and Barramundi Fillets.

Please note the changes to our Fresh Seafood ordering schedule. For next day delivery of fresh fish products, please ensure that your orders are place by 12pm midday Tuesday to Friday.  All our fresh fish fillets are processed at HACCP certificed operations and are packed in 3kg or 5kg quantities for your convenience. We have several local fish species on offer, daily from our supplier; that include Goldband Snapper, Knobby Snapper (Mooloolabah Snapper), Red Emperor, Yellowfin Tuna and Swordfish. Also on offer, are local Flathead Fillets, Amberjack, Kingfish and Sweetlip which are subject to availability depending on the fisherman’s catch.

All seafood availabilities are emailed daily from Tuesday to Friday. To avoid missing out, please ensure you sign up to our email marketing subscription.

Imported Products:

We have recently secured good stock levels of Tropical Snapper in popular sizes, along with King Snapper, Red Spot Emperor, and Barramundi Fillets, which should fulfill your requirements during the busy Christmas and New Year period.

Now is the time to procure your seafood requirements, with expected price increases on all types of Squid Tubes and Scallops as a result of shortage in raw materials, coupled with the weakening of the Australian Dollar.

News from Prawn farms in South East Asia are indicating shortage in raw materials, and the weakening Australian dollar will impact on price increases in the coming months. We have however; secured large parcels of Marinated Prawn Cutlets and Natural Prawn Cutlets to minimise any sudden price increases.

In addition, we are experiencing a shortage in the market for Chinese Scallops due to the end of season and shortage of material. We have however, secured good stock levels to meet your requirements.

Local Prawns: 

Prawn trawlers are still recording small catches of local prawns, with the larger sized prawns now becoming available. Ocean King Prawns are limited amongst the catch, with a higher percentage of the East Coast Tiger Prawn in catches.  We have secured large parcels of 10/15 and 10/20 cooked Tiger Prawns at a competitive price. We will continue to see an increase in prices as the demand increases for upcoming festive season.


If you’re after some excellent local oysters, we currently have some high quality, daily shucked oysters from Coffin Bay available for all your requirements. We have just received the first shipment of frozen Tasmanian Oysters into our warehouse, these are of high quality and are easily thawed for your convenience. Freshly processed New Zealand Oysters have recently arrived into our warehouse for those who prefer larger oysters. 

~ George S.


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