February Seafood Update


Our processor guarantees local Australian products, fresh from the boats. All products caught adhere to sustainable catch policies such as Barramundi and Salmon.  We have fresh whole and filleted fish available for ordering by 1:30pm from Monday through to Thursday for next day delivery.  All fish is processed under strict HACCP guidelines and freshness of the products is guaranteed premium, as we only process to order.

Imported Products:

There is a current shortage of imported Reef Fillets in the market as the season is not due to commence until April. Species that are presently available are Red Spot Emperor and Tropical Snapper.  There has been consistent price rises in Barramundi Fillets in all sizes due to shortage of product and the current weakening of the Australian Dollar.  At this stage, there is no indication regarding when we expect to see a decline in prices.  We have secured considerable amounts of stock at the most competitive prices available.

With the Hoki season well under way, we are seeing more sizable catches of the 4/6 size fillets with some 6/8 skin on fillets being available.  This product is caught in the pristine New Zealand waters and processed and packaged in China.

Local Prawns: 

Prawn trawlers are still catching the smaller sized prawns, which has resulted in prices remaining high on the larger sized prawns, where minimal catches are still being experienced.  We expect to see this to change over the next 3-4 weeks.

Oysters: Present quality of local oysters from Coffin Bay is of excellent quality. These oysters are shucked daily for your requirements.

For all your Valentine’s Day needs, we have some fantastic Clevedon Coast Premium Medium 1/2 Shell Oysters (#27217) from New Zealand at $131.95/ctn for 10 dozen, which is $1.10 per oyster. Also, on our February Hot Sheet, we have some fantastic Emerald Cooked Prawn Cutlets at $29.59 for a 1 Kg pack (#27911).  For more seafood specials, please ask your Sales Executive, or download our February Hot Sheet here.

~ George S.


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