December Seafood Market Update

December Seafood Market Update

Fresh Local Seafood:

Our popular fresh fish lines are guaranteed local Australian products that are caught from the trawlers and straight to your plate. In our extensive range, we have sought after species of Red Emperor, East Coast Gold Band Snapper, Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon, Swordfish, and Mahi Mahi. In addition, we can also supply fresh local Ocean King Prawns and local Tiger Prawns, both of which are available in large and medium sizes.

All our fresh fish fillets are processed at HACCP certified operations, with most local species of fish available and packaged in convenient 5Kg units, and can be ordered for next day delivery. Please ensure that your orders are place by 12pm midday Tuesday to Friday for next day delivery.

Our seafood availabilities are also emailed weekly from Tuesday, so to avoid missing out, please ensure you sign up to our email marketing subscription here. For other seafood specials, please click here.

Imported Products:

As mentioned in previous blogs, AQIS have continued a crackdown of illegal prawns in the market; in particular, natural prawn cutlets and prawn meat, with many of the importers turning containers around which has resulted in drastic shortages in stock and a continued spike in cost prices. This will result in a vast majority of end users looking at using marinated cutlets and meat to fill the shortages. At this point, there is no indication of when this will improve. We have however, managed to secure sufficiently large quantities of the natural prawns from Argentina which should ease the situation well into 2017.

We are still seeing continuing price rises in scallops and squid from overseas due to the shortage of raw materials, which is reflected in the increases of cost prices, however we still have sufficient levels of stock previously secured.

Prawns: As prawn catches are quite low this year, we highly recommend that you place your orders early for all your Christmas needs. We have caught frozen, cooked Ocean King and Tiger Prawns which are packed in 5 Kg cartons for your convenience.

Smoked Salmon: 

Supply shortages of local and imported whole salmon, has resulted in reduced stock levels of smoked salmon availability, which has affected the local market supply. We have however, managed to secure limited amounts of Tasmanian Smoked Salmon and for your convenience, as a substitute, there will be ample stock of imported Danish Smoked Salmon products which are packaged in approximate 1 Kg units.


If you’re after some excellent local oysters, we currently have some high quality, daily shucked oysters from Tasmania available for all your requirements that are currently in peak condition. We have ample stock levels of frozen oysters from New Zealand and Tasmania as an alternative product to the freshly shucked oyster. 


On special this month is Pacific West Beer Battered Flathead 3 Kg #29117 at $48.95/ctn, Pacific West Pineapple Cut Squid 6 Kg #11850 at $62.95/ctn and Starpak Barramundi Fillets 200/300 5Kg #90124 at $68.95/ctn. To place your order, please contact your Sales Executive or our Customer Service on 07 3375 2000.

~ George S.

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