8th of April 2013

8th of April 2013

Latest Seafood News…

Fish: Fresh fish is available for delivery Tuesday to Saturday. Orders are required to be placed by 3pm Monday to Thursday for next day delivery. This week we have a good range of fresh whole fish and fillets to offer with the exception of NZ Salmon, which will become available later in the week.

Prawns: Fresh prawns and oysters are available for order Tuesday to Saturday for next day delivery orders must be placed by 9am the day before. Make sure you try our fresh local prawns sourced from Moolooabah, as the quality and availability of this product is second to none.

April Specials -Remember to check out our April hotsheet for some super specials on seafood.

Market Movement: As mentioned the price on imported prawns has already commenced as new shipments have arrived into cold stores. We still have available plenty of stock at prior cost so take advantage of this while stocks last.

~ George S.


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