4th of March

4th of March

Latest Seafood News…

Fish: Just a reminder that you can order your fish in whole or fillets to meet your needs. We have a good selection of fish for the week and can guarantee its freshness and is a genuine product of Australia.

Prawns: We have fresh Ocean King Prawns from Mooloolaba that are available for delivery Tuesday- Saturday. These are packaged in convenient 5kg or 10kg amounts.

Bugs: Just a reminder that we have good stock levels of imported bugs in 100/150 size in green, cooked and cut in half cooked at very competitive prices. A parcel of medium cooked local Moreton Bay Bugs has been secured awaiting your order (code: 16664 ).

Mussels – We’re having great success with our cooked gourmet mussels and clams if you haven’t tried them already I strongly recommend you do. Fresh NZ Green Lip Gourmet Cooked Mussels (code: 26038) and Cooked Gourmet Littleneck Clams (code: 26045).
Market Movement: We’ve been advised by a number of suppliers to expect a price rise on imported prawn cutlets and cooked vannamei prawns as new shipments arrive into the country, this is being caused by a disease in the vannamei prawn coupled with a shortage of stock.

~ George S.


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