29th of January

29th of January

Latest Seafood News…

Fish: I hope everyone is recovering well after the big wet, despite the adverse weather and flooded roads our fresh supplier is able to offer a comprehensive range of fresh fish for this week including the very popular Goldband Snapper. Check out our availability list for our fresh range. Make sure you check out our red hot special on our Atlantic Salmon Skin on and off, which is proving to be very popular in this months Hot Sheet. Due to this popularity we have decided to extend the special to our February Hot Sheet.

Prawns: Due to the big wet we should see a vast majority of the small prawns being washed out from the estuaries into the ocean that should result in plentiful catches of medium and large prawns in the coming weeks. We will keep you updated with any new information as it comes to hand.

Oysters: Don’t forget to try our great quality pacific plate size Oyster supplied from South Australia, these are available Tuesday to Saturday deliveries.

HOTSHEET SPECIALS ~ There is only 1 week left of our January Specials!! Make sure you check out the A&T Loligo Squid Whole Cleaned 10/20 and Seahorse Bug 100/150 Cooked Imported Half that are at a great price this month. Don’t miss out on these great specials make sure you check them out here http://qffs.com.au/promotions/january-specials/

~ George S.


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