25th of February

25th of February

Latest Seafood News…

Fish: To start the week we have a good selection of fresh fish available to meet your needs.  Just a reminder our fresh fish is processed the evening before your delivery to provide optimum freshness and quality.  Effective from today there has been a price rise of $1 per kilo on fillet and whole Tasmanian Salmon due to increased feeding costs. The Salmon farmers are not anticipating any further price increases as we have seen in previous years and expect the price to drop back October/November.

Prawns: A reminder that we can offer fresh local Ocean King Prawns in 5KG & 10KG units Tuesday to Saturday. The product is sourced from Mooloolaba and make great eating on any buffet.

Bugs: Just a reminder that we have good stock levels of imported bugs in 100/150 size in green, cooked and cut in half cooked at very competitive prices. A parcel of medium cooked local Moreton Bay Bugs has been secured awaiting your order (code: 16664 ).

Mussels –  Fresh NZ Green Lip Gourmet Cooked Mussels in a 1KG cryovac bag with a shelf life of 12 months (code: 26038). These are rushing out the door, if you have not already purchased some I would encourage you to do so. We also have now in stock the Cooked Gourmet Littleneck Clams (code: 26045) these are great in any bouillabaisse dish or on their own.

~ George S.


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