18th of February

18th of February

Latest Seafood News…

Fish: To start the week we have a good selection of fresh fish available with majority of these lines being sustainable products.  As mentioned last week due to increased costs of feeding in Salmon farming we have been informed of a price rise.  It has now been confirmed that a price rise of $1 per kilo on fillet and whole fish will occur on the 25th of this month.

Prawns: As mentioned last week we are happy to report a price reduction on local ocean king prawns due to increased catch rates and more product available in the marketplace. We may see a price movement coming into Easter but we will advise you at the earliest opportunity if this is to happen.

Bugs: Just a reminder that we have good stock levels of imported bugs in 100/150 size in green, cooked and cut in half cooked at very competitive prices.

Mussels – Cooked Gourmet: As mentioned last week we are pleased to inform you that we now carry the Fresh NZ Green Lip Gourmet Cooked Mussels in a 1KG cryovac bag with a shelf life of 12 months (code: 26038)

~ George S.


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