11th of February

11th of February

Latest Seafood News…

Fish: With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching our supplier has been busy attaining a full range of fresh fish for the week. Part of the range includes our latest addition of New Zealand Snapper Skin on and Whole. As a result of increased food costs in Salmon farming we have been informed of a price rise on Salmon Whole and Fillets taking effect on the 25/02/2013. At this stage it is expected to be an increase of $1 per kilo on whole and fillet prices.

Prawns: We are happy to say with the recent increased catch rate of local prawns there has been a substantial price decrease on this range, please check out our availability for pricing.  There is also the option of frozen cooked Vannamei Prawns currently in stock.

Oysters: The quality of our South Australian Pacific Oysters is superb and would make a great Valentines Day treat.

Mussels – Cooked Gourmet: As mentioned last week we are pleased to inform you that we now carry the Fresh NZ Green Lip Gourmet Cooked Mussels in a 1KG cryovac bag with a shelf life of 12 months (code: 26038)

~ George S.


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