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The Ultimate Convenience Food

The Ultimate Convenience Food

With an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle, we often find ourselves choosing foods that are easy and convenient and, more often than not, frozen or pre-cooked. However, these‘on-the-go’ meals can be highly processed and can lack key nutrients needed for a healthy diet.

Boiling a couple of eggs is just as easy as cooking up some two-minute noodles and much more nutritious! By keeping a carton of fresh eggs in the fridge, you can avoid spending money on frozen meals or take away food, which will help your hips and your hip pocket.
In fact, when comparing two common breakfast options, a fried egg on toast has 26% less saturated fat, 13% less kilojoules and 35% less sodium than a sausage and egg muffin. Furthermore, a boiled egg on toast will only take about 5 minutes to prepare and will cost less than the petrol to get you to up to the local fast-food restaurant.

There are hundreds of ways that you can cook with eggs, past your standard fried, scrambled or poached. Eggs have been a reliable meal base for generations, and not just for breakfast. Eggs can be used any number of ways, in frittatas, quiches, bakes, omelettes, salads and pastas just to name a few. They also make for a convenient and healthy snack in between meals.
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