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A stamped egg – is a good egg

A stamped egg – is a good egg

Whether you’re pregnant, nursing or a mum of small kids, healthy food and proper nutrition is front of mind.
Food that ensures your health and safety and that of your family, is of upmost importance.

While there are a few food groups that can cause concern to at risk groups – with the introduction of compulsory egg stamping in Queensland it’s great news for eggs.

Safe Food Production Queensland and the Queensland egg industry have worked hard to introduce egg stamping – which enables eggs to be traced back to the producer.

This means, when you find an egg producer who is delivering what you want in an egg, you can easily identify them and consistently purchase their product. Conversely, should there be any problems with the quality of the eggs, it’s easy to trace and rectify quickly.

It is an important final step in a quality assurance and traceability program. Egg stamping also provides a way for consumers to check that they are getting what they paid for – sound, fresh, good quality eggs.

Safe Food Produciton Queensland CEO, Dr Barbara Wilson says, “It doesn’t matter if your prefered eggs are free range, caged or organic – if your egg is stamped it means it has been produced by a person with an approved food safety program.

“Egg stamps use food safe ink and often form the letters of the farm name. These stamps are unique to the person who produced the egg.”

Under a person’s food safety program, they must stamp each and every egg, and make sure it is produced safely to reduce risks to food safety, like removing cracked, or dirty eggs which can carry salmonella.

So next time you’re out shopping look for the good egg – a stamped egg!

To find out what farm your egg was laid on and or more information on good eggs visit the egg scheme section at www.safefood.qld.gov.au
Source: http://fresheggs.com.au/blog/read/a-stamped-egg-is-a-good-egg/695/

December 5, 2012

Author: Geoff Sondergeld



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