Introducing Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce

Introducing Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce

26036     Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce 425ml
26195     Original BBQ Sauce 425ml
26197     Honey BBQ Sauce 425ml
26196     Sweet N Spicy BBQ Sauce 425ml

Fire up the BBQ and experience Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauces today! Originating in Chicago from a small family recipe, Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce is currently the fastest growing BBQ sauce in America today.

This BBQ is the real deal. It’s thick. It’s rich. It’s sweet but with an unmistakable flavour kick.  It’s mouthwatering on Ribs, beef, chicken or burgers.  It has to be one of the best BBQ sauces on the market today and best of all; your customers will love it.

Angela Hird
Devoted Food Enthusiast

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