Introducing Saga Cooking Paper

Introducing Saga Cooking Paper

…the perfect solution for every cooking process

26258 COOKING PAPER SHEETS 33 X 42CM  12 Q100
26259 COOKING PAPER SHEETS 33 X 27CM  12 Q100

Saga cooking paper is a new and unique product that has been specially developed for all types of professional cooking and baking.  This product can be used as a pouch for steaming, as a nonstick surface for baking trays, as a liner for pan frying with less fat, or as a pocket for gentle boiling. This versatile product can also be used as a piping bag for creams or chocolates. Saga cooking paper comes in 2 versatile sizes of easy to use paper sheets so I am sure you will find many more uses for this great new product.   For more tips and tricks you can log onto their website at

Angela Hird
Devoted Food Enthusiast

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