Introducing Moisture Infused Rump

Introducing Moisture Infused Rump

Moco Meats are excited to introduce to their extensive product range, the Moisture Infused Rump. Created with the end user in mind, the Moisture Infused Rump is being offered to take the stress out of cooking the perfect steak – guaranteed to give a quality and consistent flavour result every time.

Moco Meats have started with a traditional cut of beef, which is hand selected and sourced from the finest pastures of Southern Queensland; and then prepared, pre-seasoned and delivered ready to pan fry or grill. It’s so easy that even a novice can cook it up and confidently serve it to the toughest of critics.

As a passionate foodie, I have tried the Moisture Infused Rump, and it was exactly how every steak should be – succulent, moist, tender and delicious! The only thing tough about this product is resisting it!

The Moisture Infused Rump is a must have steak, and a perfect addition to menus of pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes. Available in various sizes, it is a cost effective and convenient way to jazz up your menu, and is perfect for lunch time specials or dinner at a price point.

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