Introducing Markwell Twisters 1kg

Introducing Markwell Twisters 1kg

Prawn Twister – Scallop, Ginger and Lemon (25636)

Prawn Twister – Salt & Pepper Squid (25637)


One of my favourite products is the Markwell Prawn Twisters and they have just launched two new and exciting flavours (Scallop, Ginger and lemon, & Salt and Pepper). Each twister is hand rolled to perfection then individually snapped frozen in handy 1kg boxes.  What I love about the twisters is that they look impressive and taste sensational.  The salt & pepper twister has an intense pepper flavour which will make this flavour very popular for those that like a strong pepper kick.  The scallop ginger and lemon is perfectly balanced flavour between the seafood and lemon and ginger.  There are many great uses for these and I sure that you will find more. They make perfect steak toppers, gourmet entrées or finger foods.

Angela Hird

Devoted Food Enthusiast



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