Introducing Lyons Gourmet Hot Fudge Toppings…

Introducing Lyons Gourmet Hot Fudge Toppings…

26162              Lyons              Caramel Fudge Hot Topping 708g
26161              Lyons              Chocolate Fudge Hot Topping 652g

Who can resist a great hot chocolate or hot Caramel fudge topping on their dessert? Finding the time in the kitchen is always a challenge. So why not let Lyon do some of the hard work for you?

These two new products are made with premium imported cocoas. They are smooth, thick, rich and YUM! They make the perfect accompaniment to your traditional ice-cream sundaes, or can add elegance to any dessert on your menu.

The Rich n’ Creamy Chocolate or the Old Fashioned Caramel and can be heated in their squeeze bottles to you save time. Best of all they provide consistency of flavour and are ready to use.  Pick up a bottle or two today.

Angela Hird
Devoted Food Enthusiast

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