Introducing…BreggOs the Edible Egg Ring

Introducing…BreggOs the Edible Egg Ring

When I was first presented with the BreggOs Edible Egg Ring, I first thought that this product was a replacement for the common metal egg ring.  I was wrong.  This product provides an easy, cost effective solution to many of the common problems we see in foodservice kitchens.

For example: serving eggs to people on the run has always been a challenge for takeaways and cafes. The tasty puffy pastry outer casing holds its shape well, so the product inside can be eaten on the run with your hands.  When you are catering for a large club breakfast, keeping up a supply of ready-to-go, delicious fresh eggs is always a challenge.  The BreggOs edible egg ring can help with this too.  This product can be cooked and stacked neatly into a hotbox for buffets and large breakfasts.

This product is made here in Queensland and comes in a handy Q50 carton.  Dare I say, this product is eggs-trodinary, and I’m not yolking! Sorry, I just couldn’t help it.

Angela Hird

Devoted Food Enthusiast

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