Bulla Thick Dollop Cream

Bulla Thick Dollop Cream

Introducing Bulla Thick Dollop Cream 22ml Q100 (Code: 25056)

At QffS we can’t go past a good Australian made and owned product. Bulla thickened dollop cream portions combine the taste we love without the excess waste.   This great product was the winner of the best new foodservice product for 2012 (Melbourne Fine Food).    For me, the portion size was perfect. Enough cream to cover a great scone with nothing left over or wasted.  This cream is delivered frozen for extended shelf life and it’s ready to thaw as needed, so there is no waste!  All in all, this is a top product that we would recommend you try. Available now from QffS.

Angela Hird

Devoted Food Enthusiast


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