September Meat Update

September Meat Update

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After a very dry winter, Spring is finally upon us with some encouraging rainfalls across the Eastern Seaboard.  These rains unfortunately; have not made the trek West, where it is most needed.  The export market has however, experienced a fairly frenetic pace, gaining the most ground over the past month.


Despite the fact that the dollar has been steady at around the $0.93 USD mark; the export market has surged forward to record highs in demand of Beef, and this has left an indelible mark on some of the prices in the market with new ground broken.

Prices for Beef Trim and Lean Cuts such as Topside, Knuckle, and Rump, have been at levels not seen since the 1980s, when exports to Japan exploded.  This surge has left many on the domestic market reeling in nervous anticipation for the outcome of local prices.

We expect this will continue to have an impact on the domestic price of cuts such as Rump, Rostbiff, Blade, Bolar Blade, Topside and Silverside, which have increased from a flow on effect.  Rather than being used for steaks, strips or diced; these cuts are being put into fore/hind trim packs, destined for the grinding market in the U.S.  On top of that, the Chinese market is hungry for similar cuts for their own domestic use.

Of course, there is a slight upside to all of this doom and gloom, with some good offerings on Tenderloin, Cube Roll and Striploin.  This month, we are proud to introduce another fantastic brand from the JBS range.

The Great Southern Cube Roll (12027) is a premium Pasture Fed MSA product which has been gaining in popularity in Victoria.  Now you have the opportunity to try this at a special introductory price of $18.99/kg.  We are also offering another MSA Beef item with Teys MSA Striploin available at $11.99/kg.

With the footy finals series about to commence for both major codes, there is optimistic demand in the market for Steak sandwich with our popular 100g Rib Fillet (40018) available at $16.95/kg.  This works out at $1.70 each!

For these and other great beef specials, check out our PRIME Hot Sheet for September here.



With the onset of Spring, we are likely to see some relief in pricing for Lamb, especially for roasting cuts where the price of Legs maintained strong levels for the past three months.  Whilst this may not filter through until October or November, supply remains optimistic.

It is likely that the roasting cuts will be the first to move, and we have on offer this month; Sovereign Boneless Lamb Legs (20353) at $10.99/kg; whilst the ever popular Cap Off Lamb Racks (25192) are out at $22.95/kg.

For that something different, why not try the Elvy’s 50g Lamb Slider, which is becoming increasingly popular for functions.  These equate to about $0.45 each, which is fantastic value for money.



The supply of pork for Spring is beginning to wane, with pork producers now gearing up to supply Ham manufacturers in anticipation of the looming Christmas season.  As such, some items such as Boneless Pork Legs and Belly have begun to increase in the last week.

This month, we have Pork Shoulder Roasts available and unbeatable at $4.95/kg!  If you’re looking for a loin cut, why not try our 300g Pork Cutlets (40100) which are moisture infused and super juicy – perfect for any grill.

For more of these specials, take a look at our September Hot sheets available from our promotions, or from your local QffS representative.








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