September Meat Market Update

September Meat Market Update


Spring has sprung! With the onset of warmer weather, the deteriorating grazing conditions across most of Queensland due to the dry weather, are impacting on supplies of cattle with most processors slowing down trying to limit losses on cattle being killed right now. The quandary they face is that the more the EYCI falls, the worse it becomes, especially for feeder steers. The Grain Fed cattle that are coming off now, were bought and placed on feed 4 months ago when cattle were priced higher than 650c/kg. Now the market is more than $1 less/kg for the same cattle, which equals a loss of around $300/body.

Add to this, the AUD$ which is still standing firm at $0.80, which is in turn; challenging exports to various markets. This means that there is still quite a lot of product coming on to the domestic market. This status will change in the coming months, but there’s still some great opportune buys out there for the right market.

The foodservice market operators are still quite slow but be aware of the “sleeping giant” which could be awoken at any time. September means footy finals, Riverfire in Brisbane, and sunnier days ahead. With prices falling on some items, there is renewed optimism for a positive start to Spring.

And so, to this month’s specials, and we have managed to source a limited supply of Grain Fed Striploins (#27021). These are 100-day Grain Fed sourced from the award-winning JBS range. At a mind-blowing $11.95/kg, these will move fast!

From our MOCO butchery team, we are offering our tender and succulent 200g Beef Eye Fillet (bonded) Steak (#40017). These are a classic must have steak for any restaurant or pub grill menu. For more details on these and other great beef specials, check out our September specials here or ask your MOCO meat specialist.


There are continuing signs that the market is beginning to peel back pricing, ever so slightly with some operators starting to drop prices slightly on the back of solid consistent numbers of Spring Lambs. The rise has also been attributed to the increase in Mutton slaughter and rise in exports which are up 51% on YTD figures.

To our offerings, and the good news is that Lamb Legs are back! We are able to offer Fletchers Lamb Legs (#28950) at $10.95/kg. These are fresh chilled and ready to hit your menu. Also available are Lamb Shanks (#29871) at $7.95/kg.


The market continues to defy the critics and market analysts are confident that prices will bounce back upwards at any moment The real benchmark here will be the price of hams this Christmas. The big retailers have either locked in their contracts or are looking to firm up supply contracts so it will be interesting to watch who releases their prices first and at what level.

On fresh Pork, the continued downward movement on price is all centered on Loin cuts. Whether it’s Striploin, Rack or Tenderloin, the offers coming through are at unprecedented levels. This month, we are able to offer a special buy of Pork Tenderloin (#29885). These are derived from the Rivalea range. At $6.95/kg, what a menu special these would make! These are in small cartons (approximately 7kg) and worth trying.

To view these and other fantastic meat specials for September, why not contact us today.

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