Meat Updates – February 2016

Meat Updates – February 2016


With the end of January and the start of a new month, the Beef market started the year the same way we left it in 2015. With the majority of Beef processors in Qld and Northern NSW only begining to recommence operations, things are fairly quiet, with most reporting a very slow start to 2016.

Despite the fact that the AUD rallied over the past few days, it still remains weak at just a shade under $0.70, which should keep exports simmering along. The MLA has just released its projections for 2016, and all things are pointing towards a drop in numbers of cattle. This will have an impact on pricing moving forward for the rest of the year. Although interestingly enough, the anticipated shortage of beef that most were predicting for January, was downplayed and there were still big numbers of particular cuts available to move into the domestic market. Rumps and Striploins are the best value right now and with the Summer season still in full flight, there has never been a better time to push these onto the menu.

This month, we have Teys PR Grain Fed Beef Rumps (Whole) at $9.49/kg. We will also have the AMH PR Grain Fed STriploin (Whole) at $15.99/kg. Either one or both of these cuts are worthy of an appearance on any pub menu, and are of great value. From the Prime Foodservice Meats Team, we are offering Beef Eye Fillet Portion Cut of your choice of either 180g or 200g, which are sure to be a favourite with the ladies on Valentine’s Day.

For more Beef specials, take a look at our February Hot Sheet, here or ask your QffS Sales representative.


There are many similarities to the beef market for 2016 projections, with a slight reduction in numbers, as well as a steady export demand. The domestic demand is anticipated to fall 3% this year as prices remain fairly solid for this year. If producers experience any significant weather events during the year, it is likely to exaggerate the above forecast, driving prices stronger towards the middle of the year.

On the February Hot Sheet, we see a continuation of the Marinated Lamb Rump from Sovereign, which has proven to be quite popular, and at $14.95/kg, these make terrific value. Also, in keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme, we have our famous Lamb Noisettes on offer at $28.49/kg. Lamb Noisettes have become very popular for functions as an alternative to Lamb Backstrap.


Prices within the Pork market continue to soar as supplies remain incredibly scarce. The livestock numbers coming out of the piggeries are just not available to keep up with the local demand and most processors have reported price increases from 16% to 20%! These price increases continue to move on a weekly basis making it increasignly difficult to hold sell prices.

Adding to the increasing pressure on the domestic market is demand for the early Chinese New Year celebrations (8th February). Overall, the Pork industry is quoting that numbers will become worse before they improve. This month, we are able to continue our offer on Barkers Creek Pork 65g Medallions at $14.95/kg. These make a brilliant alternative to other traditional pork roasting cuts and are versatile enough to go on many different menus.

For these and other great specials this month, contact your Foodservice Meat Specialist or our Customer Service Team on 07 3375 2000.

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