October Meat Market Update

October Meat Market Update


As always, the market never seems to fall short of unusual news, with October proving to be no exception. Last month, there were signs that prices were about to go into free fall. The timing was right with a lot of product on offer domestically, a plethora of Grain Fed cattle being turned off, and exports appearing to slow with a climbing Aussie dollar.

The EYCI looked certain to crash through the psychological barrier or 500c/kg and then, there was an about face with the export market resurgent and actually driving higher than 2016 YTD levels. It seems that all markets; US, Japan, China, all jumped to secure abundant supplies before the warmer and wetter weather kicks in. Although there have been a few falls of rain in Eastern States, there is not enough right now to diminish slaughter numbers. Much follow-up rain is needed before producers stop turning off cattle for slaughter. It will be interesting times ahead, especially with the prediction of a solid wet season. The domestic market was relatively tame in September and although consumer confidence is high, growth in restaurants seems benign.

And so, to this month’s specials, and we have managed to source healthy supplies of YG Grain Fed Cube Roll (#85002). These are 100-day Grain Fed sourced from the award-winning JBS range. Competitively priced at $21.95/kg, these are sure to please and satisfy any grill menu. From our MOCO Meats butchery team, we are offering our tender and succulent 250g Beef Eye Fillet (bonded) Steak (#40149). These are a classic must have steak for any restaurant or pub grill menu.


It seems as though the Sheep meat market followed a similar path to the Beef Market, with initial signs from early Spring indicating a bumper year of generous supply leading to competitive pricing. Due to a massive surge on the export market, Lamb supplies, especially of Shank, Leg and Rumps, have maintained a firm hold as the U.S. continues to stockpile for their Winter.

Offerings are very limited for the domestic market. From our MOCO Meats butchery team, we are able to offer Lamb Loin Chops at $19.49/Kg. If you have a mixed grill on your menu, then these are sure to please.


There are signs that the Pork Market is on the rebound with Belly and Leg prices making strong gains domestically. Loin cuts are still maintaining a lower than anticipated level and remain probably the most underrated cuts of any protein choice. This month, we continue to offer our special buy of Pork Tenderloin (#29885). These are derived from the Rivalea range, and at $6.95/Kg – what a menu special these would make! These are in small cartons (approx. 7Kg) and worth trying.

To view these and other fantastic meat specials for October, click here or contact our Customer Service Team or speak to your MOCO meat specialist.

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