May Meat Update

May Meat Update


Well there’s definitely a chill in the air leading into the first week of May, and temperatures have plummeted in all of the Eastern States to well below their May averages.  Due to the increased demand experienced during the Easter and Anzac period; there is very little stock offering from the abattoirs due to little production and export commitments, which has resulted in some prices moving up very quickly.

Taking a pounding at the moment is the market on forequarter cuts (Blade, Chuck Roll, etc.); with prices increasing as the domestic market starts to ramp up its demand on roasting cuts.  Unfortunately, there is no sign of let-up on the export demand for Rumps and this has also pushed prices up, especially on pasture-fed product.  On the domestic foodservice market, loin cuts are still holding their own.  Although bargains still seem scarce, there are positive signs for cuts such as Beef Tenderloin (Eye Fillet), which is popular for Beef Fillet Mignons, especially in time for Mother’s Day.

This month on the Hot Sheet, we have the Cape Grim Rump (32277) on special at $9.49 per kg.  This is probably one of, if not the best MSA Pasture Fed Rumps on the market today.  Derived from Northern Tasmania, this product is renowned for its marbling, yet carries all the traditional traits of pasture fed beef of a robust flavour.

Despite the gloomy price forecast for forequarter cuts, we are still able to offer the Grain Fed MSA Bolar Blade (36842).  From the JBS Swift product range, it is more than suitable to handle, as it is only 3 kg in piece size – a succulent roast for any buffet or carvery.

For more Beef specials, take a look at our May Hot sheets available from our promotions, or from your local QffS representative.



Prices are still holding firm on Lamb and Mutton, and with the weather cooling; things are only expected to decline before the situation improves.

Despite the doom and gloom of the Australian lamb market, we have managed to source some product from our friends “across the ditch”, and have a great special on Lamb Racks, Cap Off, French Trim (25192).  These are IW/Vac, and at $23.95 per kg, represents great value.

For your roasting needs, we still have Mutton Legs, (11752) on at $8.99 per kg.  Please speak to your sales consultant about this and other upcoming lamb specials.



The pork market has rallied over the past week and although supplies have resumed to normal levels, there is pressure on supply of Legs and Bellies, as roasting cuts become popular and in demand.  Our ever popular Boned and Rolled Pork Leg Halves (13248), from Pacific Meats are a perennial favourite and features on our Hot Sheet at $6.95 per kg.

If this is not to your fancy, we also have our Moisture Infused Pork Cutlet 300gm (40100) at $18.95 per kg, which is juicy and very tasty.  TIP: Why not marinate in orange marmalade and grill for something different?


“All normal people love meat. If I went to a barbecue and there was no meat, I would say  “Yo Goober! Where’s the meat?…I’m trying to impress people here Lisa. You don’t win friends with salad.” – Homer Simpson








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