May Meat Market Update

May Meat Market Update


With a cool change anticipated over much of Australia, this has seen further tightening of cattle numbers despite the softening of the EYCI; most states have reported increased demand in specific cuts, but not enough stock to complete orders.

For example, Cube Rolls, especially Grain Fed and Grain Fed MSA have jumped in price due to strong demand from export markets, whilst some roasting and secondary cuts have fallen. At the same time, most cattle producers are beginning to look at the big picture in terms of re-stocking their herds to allow sustainable practices for demand in the future.

Most analysts predict that the Australian cattle herd will not be fully re-stocked until the end of 2017 which is quite some time away. In the meantime, average cattle carcase weights have increased with the MLA reporting a YTD increase in weight of 9kg, which in the grand scheme of things, is substantial.  And so we continue to highlight the roasting season, and this month we have brought back an old favourite, Beef Outside Flat (#28133). These are by JBS (Royal) and at $7.99kg, these represent terrific value for succulent roasts being derived from YGGF cattle.

From the Prime team, we have a 300g Beef MSA Rump (#40034), at $16.95/kg. For these and other sensational Beef Specials, take a look at our May Hot Sheet Specials, here or ask your QffS and Prime Meat Sales representative.


The signs are already prominent in the Lamb market of increased pricing this Winter, with Lamb carcase pricing already starting to creep up towards 540c/kg cwt, which is already an 8% increase on mid-April pricing.

In the meantime, we are still able to offer our Lamb legs from Fletchers (#28950), and are selling these at $10.49/kg! Please note that supply may be alternate between Fletchers brand and the Thomas Farms brand.

Why not talk to your QffS Meat Specialist about all or any of your Lamb needs for this year. It may be a great opportunity to plan your Winter menu.


The Pork market is continuing to soften for some cuts (Belly, Leg, Shoulder), which is great news if you’re into roasting, however; the Rib situation is still dire, especially for Loin or Shoulder Riblet, which continues to maintain strong demand.

This month on the Hot sheet, we are offering Pork Bellies (#37181) at the ridiculous price of $10.99/kg. If you have been following the market trends, the price for Pork Belly has not been this low since May 2014! If you have never tried Pork Belly, now is your time to shine!

For these and other great meat specials this month, contact your QffS and Prime Foodservice Meat Specialist or our Customer Service Team on 07 3375 2000.

Did You Know?

The Beef Outside Flat is the larger muscle (or sub-primal) of two muscles that when together, form the primal cut that we commonly refer to as The Beef Silverside. The other muscle of the silverside is the Eye Round or “Girello”, which is often used to make traditional pastrami. The Silverside gets its name from a silvery coloured sinew tissue which runs along the side wall of the primal and is always trimmed off before packing. When the Silverside is pickled, it becomes Corned Silverside which is a very old English recipe, more common amongst Australia’s ageing population.

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