March Meat Market Update

March Meat Market Update


It’s the summer that seems to have no end in sight. The continued warm spells in the east have actually provided some relief for processors with a steady number of cattle being turned off in both the Grain and Grass Fed sectors. A drop in export demand for the U.S. in particular has also played a major influence and has seen quite a lot of roasting cuts become available on the market. What would normally be put into a trim pack has found its way as whole primals, ready to roast. However, it’s still classed as a highly volatile market with re-herding a priority for producers who are conscious that national numbers are not quite at sustainable levels just yet. The EYCI is heading down and almost tracking with 2016 levels but it’s a nervous time about to lead into Autumn, and there are still anticipated rainfalls possibly to come, which may result in a sharp drop of cattle available.

Back in the here and now, we are taking advantage of the availability of roasting cuts with our Grain Fed Beef Outside Flat (#28133). At $8.49/kg, it makes a welcome change to the usual Bolar Blade and is versatile enough to use into beef strips for a stir fry. From our butchery team, we have sensational Riverina Black Angus Rump Steaks 400g (#40306) at $19.49/kg. These are 120-day grain fed and derived from some of the finest Black Angus cattle in Australia.

For details on these and other great beef specials, check out our March specials here.


The driving export demand into the U.S. and China for Boneless Chump Off Legs has placed domestic pricing under increasing pressure, just as it seemed as though pricing across the board would stabilise and provide greater opportunities for Lamb to remain a constant on menus. Analysts have reported an increase in the national average carcase price (NTLI) of 17% year to date. The NTLI has closed at 652c/kg which is staggering for this time of year. The major players are reeling in the wake of this market and it’s set to be a bumpy ride this winter if things continue.

There are some spot buys on items and we have managed to avoid price hikes on Lamb Rack with our Manildra Frozen Lamb Rack French Trim Cap Off (#28693) on special at $25.95/kg. In a rising market, this represents outstanding value, and who doesn’t love this cut? This is to be discontinued item, so get in now before stocks sell out.


There’s renewed optimism for Pork at present with the ever present and growing concern over some unstable red-meat prices, it may be that another “protein switch” is on the cards and Pork processors are looking forward to plentiful supply over the coming months. Back on our specials list, we have fresh Boneless Pork Legs from KR Castlemaine (#26272) at $6.89/kg. These are sure to please any carvery, club or cafe for their prized pork roast.

For all of the other specials for March, why not contact your MOCO representative today or our friendly Customer Service team on 07 3375 2000 to meat up your menu!

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