June Meat Update

June Meat Update



After a solid start to May, a heavy handed budget laid down from the Federal Government, seems to have had a negative impact on demand in the local foodservice market, with most restaurants reporting quite trade. Production, however; is in full swing in Queensland, with record numbers of cattle being processed across the state. This is in contrast to the Souther States, with numbers a little slower, despite the mild weather.

The market for roasting beef cuts is still strong with Bolar Blades, Blades, and Chuck Rolls leading the way. Not far behind are Topsides, Silversides, and Knuckles all attracting high prices on the export market. On the domestic foodservice market, there are good signs for the supply of Cube Rolls and Tenderloins, which appear to be in good supply.

This month on the Hot Sheet, we have the Nolan’s Private Selection Cube Roll on special at $19.95/kg (#11909). If you’re looking for a consistent, succulent Rib Fillet, then this is for you! For your roasting needs, we have managed to score some Whole Beef Blades at $5.99/kg (#36838). These are great value despite the market being firm, and with the onset of Winter, these will go fast.

On portioned steaks, we have some brilliant Jack’s Creek Black Angus Rump in either a 300gm or 400gm at $17.95/kg which is one of the best Black Angus Rumps on the market today.



Prices for Lamb are not letting up, and processing numbers are way below year to date figures,  with some processors recording a 37% drop on last year’s kill.  Just when some processors decided to start working, others are having a break due to low numbers. This ultimately places increasing pressure on prices in all sectors. There are some spot buys available but they are far and few between.

On this month’s Hot Sheet, we have managed to source another parcel of Lamb Racks, Cap Off, French Trim (#25192). These are IW/Vac, and at $21.95/kg, represent incredible value.

With the colder weather setting in, there’s no better time for comfort food and the perennial favourites, Lamb Shanks are back! We have the Hindquarter Tipped Shanks (#25038) on special at $6.95/kg. Get in quick, as these will not last!

Please speak to your Sales Consultant about this and other upcoming Lamb specials.



There are signs in the market that Pork is gaining strength in pricing due to the surge in roasting cuts such as Legs, as well as Bellies.

This month, we have Boned and Rolled Pork Shoulder (#37160), from KR Castlemaine.  These are approximately 5.5 kg each, and “pigs will fly” out the door at the price of $4.95/kg!

If you’re looking for something really versatile, why not try the Pork Striploin Moisture Infused (#90567) at $11.95/kg, which can be used for a Roast or you can cut medallions, schnitzels, stir fry etc.

For more of these specials, take a look at our June Hot sheets available from our promotions, or from your local QffS representative.







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