June Meat Update

June Meat Update


It looks as though the cold weather will not only leave the trees bare this Winter, with supplies of good quality cattle beginning to diminish. With the export market still ravenous, this is having a major impact on herd numbers of pasture fed cattle and now moving into Grain Fed.

On the domestic front, a generous budget laid down from the federal government seems to have had a positive effect, especially on small business with measures to assist growth. This will ultimately have some bearing and an increase demand in the foodservice sector.

With the onset of the cooler weather, the demand in the market has led to strong pricing, especially for Bolar Blades, Topsides, and Chuck Rollls, with alternate roasting cuts, such as Silversides and Knuckles all attracting high prices on the domestic and export market. Specifically, Rumps and Rib Fillet are still the pick of any steak right now with some great product available.

This month on the Hot Sheet from our Prime Team, we have a choice of 200g Rost Biff Grain Fed at $16.49/kg (#40212), or the Beef PR Rump Steak in the 200g, 250g, or 300g at $15.49/kg, which are consistently one of the better rump steaks out there.

If you’re looking for something to roast, why not try the Beef YGGF Topside (#28337), or the Diamantina Wagyu Brisket (#11936). The Wagyu Brisket has been very popular for U.S. BBQ style restaurants who take the “low, slow and smoke” BBQ approach, producing one of the most succulent pieces of meat I’ve ever tasted!

For more fantastic Beef specials, take a look at our Jue Hot Sheet available here, or from your Sales Executive.



Prices for Lamb have remained quite steady for this time of year, and kill numbers have reflected a slight drop in numbers, despite herd numbers remaining solid for this time of year.

Some processors are talking about a “bullish” market over the back half of June, especially as the demand for Legs, Shoulders and other roasting cuts start to heat up; and other processors in the Southern states perform seasonal shut downs, leaving a strain on supplies.

Now is a great opportunity to start Lamb Shanks (#25137) on your menu and they have been well received so far.  Also on this month’s Hot Sheet, we are also offerring the Lamb Racks (denuded) (#28309); which have received excellent comments, especially in regards to the trim and value for money aspect. These are MW/VAC x 2, and at $20.99/kg, represent incredible value.



There are signs in the market that Pork is gainig strength again in pricing due to the surge in roasting cuts such as Legs as well as Shoulders.

This month, we have Boned and Rolled Pork Legs (#28182) from Marcelford. These are approximately 5.5 kg each at the price of $6.49/kg.  If you’re looking for something else, why not try the Pork Meaty Riblet (#28372) from Sunpork and at a “pigs will fly” out the door price of $9.99/kg, these are one of the cheapest pork meaty riblet on the market.

Be sure to check with your QffS/Prime Foodservice Meats representative for these and other fantastic specials for the month of June, or contact our Customer Service Team on 07 3375 2000.

Did You Know?  

You may have heard the expression “What’s your Beef?”, in reference to or used in context to describe if someone has a problem or issue. Well, the term is actually derived from good ol’ cockney rhyming slang, where the word beef = grief. So maybe this could be more widely used for example, “don’t give me any Beef!”, which is a term that could be misused by vegetarians!



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