September Meat Update

September Meat Update


It’s been an incredible and turbulent finish to Winter to say the least, and records are continuing to tumble with pricing remaining incredibly strong in both the domestic and export markets. Some staggering statistics coming out of August pricing with the EYCI (peaking at 578c/kg – 27/8/2015) reaching it’s higest level since 1981.

Since 1970, the EYCI has been the barometer of pricing for cattle and prices peaked in 1973 when in reached 726c/kg to a low of 267c/kg in 1975. At the time the market overheated due to global oversupply which led to the crash.

Fast forward to 2015, and it’s a different scenario where the export arket has opened up due to free trade agreements in China, Japan, and Korea, which have led to a major surge in demand. We are now at a stage where over 83% of Australian Cattle are being exported either live or processed. Australian herd numbers have not been able to cope and this has led to short supplies in many areas.

As an example, Grass Fed MSA Striplion of a good quality is now more expensive than Grain Fed. Processors are now placing far more cattle on grain feeding programs than ever before to cope with the demand. The only possible light at the end of this tunnel, is the fact that the U.S. beef quota will trigger at 85% capacity sometime this week, and this will slow exports down slightly which may have a cascade effect on price easing in the markets.

Despite the prevailing market conditions, we have been able to offer some great opportunities for your Spring menus. Black Angus Rump Steaks in both 200g (#40378) and 400g (#40306) are sure to be a hit and represent great value at $19.89/kg.

For Father’s Day, what about a man-sized Beef OP Rib 450g (#40010). This is sure to make any Dad feel special, and speaking from first-hand experience, I know it’ll be on my BBQ on Sunday! For thees and other great specials, “Spring” to it and call your Sales Executive today!

For more fantastic Beef specials, take a look at our September Hot Sheet available here.


Pricing for Lamb has pretty much peaked as flock numbers of older lamb come forward. The talk from analysts is very positive for the NEW Spring Lamb season, and as some operators look to different proteins, Lamb is high on the priority as a suitable option.

This month on the Hot Sheet, we will be showcasing our ever popular Lamb Loin Noisette (#45018). In addition to this, we will have Lamb & Rosemary Sausages (#990505), Lamb Racks (#25192) and Lamb Legs (#20389), which should cover your entire menu needs to start the Spring.


With the protein switch on, Pork processors have seen no let-up in the demand this year, and it looks increasingly certain that prices will continue to strengthen leading into the warmer months. Of particular interest will be the prices indicating for Pork Belly and Pork Ribs, which are 12% higher on a Year to date mark. We have managed to source a small parcel of Pork Bellies which are Skin On and Portion Cut 0.8-1.2kg per piece (#28505). At $10.89/kg, these will move out very quickly and stocks are limited so it would be advisable to buy in at your earliest convenience.

Be sure to check with your QffS/Prime Foodservice Meats representative for these and other fantastic specials for the month of September, or contact our Customer Service Team on 07 3375 2000.


Father’s Day was first celebrated in Spokane, Washington USA on June 19 1910; and was later passed by law as a Public Holiday in the U.S. in 1972 by then President, Richard Nixon. Whilst Father’s Day is celebrated throughout the world on different days, Fiji is the only other country in the world that shares it’s Father’s Day celebration on the same day as Australia.



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