Meat Market Report January 2018

Meat Market Report January 2018


Happy New Year to all!! Well, it’s back to it for another year of challenges, excitement, along with many highs and lows that come with the industry.

The blistering heat seems to be continuing with still most works out on their closure period and farmers in most parts of Queensland receiving little to no rain over the past few weeks. Most rainfall has been isolated to coastal regions, away from the cattle producing areas.

Although, as we go to print, severe thunderstorm patterns are forming in the central western and wide bay areas of QLD, meaning heavy falls, lucky enough for some.

Whilst the re-herding phase continues here in Australia, across the globe there is a continued excess of production from countries such as the U.S. and Brazil where favourable conditions have prevailed into some big increases. The upshot of this is that countries like Brazil are banned from exporting into Japan and Korea which are the mainstay of the Australian export market.

Currently, most of the cattle processing industry remains dormant amid closures and shorter weeks where large numbers of cattle remain on feed. As a result, most processors are holding firm with the EYCI closing at 569¢/kg on the 20th December. It is usually a very frantic time when the markets re-open, and right now most processors are sounding out the export demand to gauge opening prices.

On the domestic front, demand has increased slightly, up on December figures taking in the idyllic conditions for eating out. As most industry operators reported a weaker than usual New Year’s Eve, this is normally attributed to a spike in alcohol consumption where food takes a back seat!

And to our January specials and to kick things off we have a great Striploin (Sirloin) special. We have plentiful supplies of Grain Fed Striploin (28758). These are 100-day Grain Fed and sit perfectly on your grill menu. At $11.49/kg, these are sure to please!

From our Moco Meats butchery team, we are offering our perennial favourite 100g Rib Fillet (40018) which is sure to be a hit for your steak sandwiches leading into Australia Day. For details on these and other great beef specials, check out our January monthly Specials with your meat specialist.



At the beginning of 2018, we find ourselves in the most unenviable position of a period where Lamb supplies are scarce, and prices remain very strong for this time of year. This is quite the opposite to previous years where Lamb processors are usually ramping up production in preparation for Australia Day celebrations.

Despite the slim pickings, we have managed to offer a small quantity of Lamb Rumps Cap Off (18001) at $18.99/kg. These represent good value for the current period and will prove popular amongst bistros and discerning customers.

From our butchery team, our chops and cutlets are ready to go, so if you’re looking to Lamb up for Australia Day, talk to your meat specialist today.



Leading into January, the Pork market spiked with the demand of good quality bellies which saw an increase in the overall carcase price, despite the Leg market remaining quite flat. Loins also held at December levels and still were the best value cut available.

Speaking of value, we have managed to procure a limited quantity of Pork Racks from Sunpork (991402). These are 10 rib, Rind On and just perfect to create your own cutlet dish. At a sizzling $8.49/kg, why not try a box today!?, before they move out.

To view these and all of our other fantastic meat specials for January, click here or contact our Customer Service Team or speak to your MOCO meat specialist.



Did you know?

Sausages earnt the nickname “Bangers” during The Second world war as some were crudely made and had the tendency to literally explode on a grill!!

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