Meat Updates – January 2016

Meat Updates – January 2016


At a time when most Australians are firing up their barbeques, it is a difficult proposition for most, to think about exactly what steak to put on? Due to the prevailing market, this has cuased “the great protein switch” and this is a shifting trend which as impacted across the entire meat industry.

Right now, nearly all Beef processors in Queensland have shut their doors and most of them will not open until early February, forcing local wholesalers to seek supply from interstate unless they are carrying December 2015 stock to get them through.

Prices continued to rally all through December with EYCI still buoyantly ranging between 580-595c/kg (cwt) with exporters scrambling to fill pre-Christmas orders that ultimately arrive in 2016. So where to from here for Beef?

January 2016 will prove a difficult time for a lot of local foodservice operators as well as retailers, as customers shift from expensive beef to protein alternatives such as Pork, Lamb, and then Chicken.

Despite the shift away from some beef cuts, there are some great buys out there on the market for specific cuts. For the Hot Sheet this moth, we are able to offer Grain Fed Beef Rumps (#36803) from Teys. At $9.95/kg, these are brilliant value and can be used in a number of ways, limited only by your imagination.

Also a great price are the Beef Grain Fed Striploins. These are from the JBS range and at $16.49/kg, they will certainly be popular. From the Prime team, we have a range of either Eye Fillet or Rib Fillet steaks to tantalise your grill! For details on these and other great beef specials, check out our Prime Hot Sheet for January 2016 here.



With the shift away from Beef, some operators have been looking at options to counter the increase in menu costs. Exports for Lamb continue to remain strong, especially into the U.S. market where Winter has well and truly set in, and Leg or Roasting Cuts remain a favourite.

This month on the Hot Sheet, as we take the “Summer road trip” towards Australia Day, we are showcasing the best Lamb options for your Summer menu. Whether it’s the NEW Marinated (Mint & Rosemary) Lamb Rump (#28587) from Sovereign, or a host of Lamb Cutlets, or Chops from the Prime team, there’s something there for everyone! We even have our best-selling Lamb & Rosemary Sausages on board to complete our range.

If there’s anything in Lamb that you’re looking for right now, please let your Meat Sales Representative know and they’ll be sure to make some great suggestions.



If there was a renewed focus on Pork last month, then the focus has become more intense and gone absolutely ballistic over the past 3 weeks. As the Summer weather takes hold, the slaughter numbers have reduced considerably and most processors are running at numbers 50-70% below their regular capacities. Some have even opted to close for the Summer as prices for carcases have now almost doubled, YTD and the primal cut pricing for popular foodservice items such as Bellies, have blown most out of the water, increasing by almost 35% over the past few weeks! Other items such as Legs, and Pork Ribs have followed suit rising to near record levels.

This month, we have Sunpork Pork (Loin) Medallions on offer (#18428). These are great for a light grill menu option, and at approximately 65g each, have been popular in the retail sector. At $14.95/kg, these will move pretty quickly.

For these and other great specials this month, contact your Foodservice Meat Specialist or our Customer Service Team on 07 3375 2000.

Did You Know?

Australia Day only became a truly national holiday in 1947, and it wasn’t until 1994 that all the States and Territories agreed that the holiday should fall on 26 January, rather than the following Monday. Lamb for Australia Day may have some historical precedent, however. The first official celebration of January 26 took place in 1818, the 30th anniversary of the First Fleet’s landing at Port Jackson. It wasn’t called Australia Day at that point, but Anniversary Day. To mark the occasion, Governor Macquarie gave government workers a holiday and an extra allowance of “one pound of fresh meat”. Chances are, that meat was mutton – not quite Lamb, but the same animal.


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