December Meat Market Update

December Meat Market Update


Well Summer is officially here, along with the heat! Hot and humid conditions have prevailed, affecting mainly Northern NSW as well as most of the Qld coastline as the storms roll in one after another. The Bureau of Meterology have reported temperatures being hotter than average which is a good indicator of the La Nina weather pattern we are entering into. As a result of the hot, yet unpredictable weather conditions, many producers have taken the opportunity to turn off some additional full weight steers and cows on to market, and yardings have been up the last 2 weeks in a row, allowing some processors to bolster their numbers slightly, leading into the Christmas closure period.

The AUD has been humming along, currently sitting around the $0.74 mark and following a similar YTD trend line, where it reached just under $0.73 at the end of 2015. This will have little bearings on exports although processors have noticed a slight decline in export numbers over the past few weeks, especially on trim packs/cuts where prices are falling, especially on lean cuts. On the domestic front, the beginning of the festive season has seen a renewed push of beef proteins on to menus, with grain and pasture fed rumps leading the charge as the most popular beef cut/steak into foodservice. Variations such as Black Angus and Wagyu are also proving popular with Sirloin and Rib Fillet making up solid numbers.

On special this month, we have Beef Outside Flat Grain Fed (#28133) at $8.95/Kg. Despite the heat, it’s still one of the best value roasting cuts on the market. If you’re looking for steaks however, why not try either the Black Angus Sirloin 300g (#40097) or the PR Beef Rump 200g (#40110) which is a great value lunch steak. This month we have also launched our exciting range of home style seasoned Beef Burgers coming in both a 150g and 200g. Why not ask your meat specialist about these today? For details on these and other great beef specials, check out our December specials here.


Production of new season Lambs is well into full swing with processors working full shifts to go through the numbers available. The MLA has reported some positive aspects of Lamb consumption domestically with the national average consumption up to 9.7kg which is an 8% increase on 2011, where retail prices were at similiar levels as today.

The strength of the export markets and renewed support of the domestic market has seen prices remain resilient of most cuts, espeically Lamb Rumps where pricing have stayed very firm. Lamb Legs however, have been the best buy, once again due to the season where roasting cuts will have to compare to Pork and Turkey in tune with the festive season.

This month on our specials, we still have good supplies of the Lam Leg (#28950) from Fletchers and just flying out the door at $9.99/kg. Great value here if you want to keep your classic roast on the menu.


Along with the festive season, the continued push for all things Pork remains very strong. Everything from Boneless Pork Legs, Pork Bellies, etc are very firm at this time of year. Market prices have held and nowhere as ridiculous as they were (especially on Bellies) 12 months ago.

Athough the Summer usually means a reduction on processing numbers due to the heat, there is optimism that the market will not suffer the staggering increases it did last year. This month, we have Pork Tenderloins (#90312) on offer at $12.49/kg. These are incrediblly versatile and can be cut into medallions, roasted whole or used for Asian salads, etc. If you want a classic slow BBQ cut, why not tuck into the Pork USA Spare Ribs (#27706) which are great value at $18.95/kg. With the shortage on Shoulder Riblet (Meaty Riblet), these make a great alternative.

For all the other specials for December, why not contact your MOCO representative today and meat up your menu!


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