May Meat Update

May Meat Update



One month on from April and the weather is cooling as well as some extraordinary weather events in South East Queensland. Rain, rain and more rain with the wettest May day in over 170 years recorded on Friday 1st. More than 200mm fell across the South East with the majority of it in a 3-hour period.

On to the markets, and the export market is still king with overall global demand jumping 17% YTD and with a staggering 74% of Australian beef process going off-shore, the EYCI has jumped back up to well over $4.60/kg as the demand for trim in the U.S. grinding market takes a foothold.

Taking a pounding at the moment, is the market on Forequarter Cuts (Blade, Chuck Roll etc), with prices increasing as the domestic market starts to ramp up it’s demand on roasting cuts.

On the domestic foodservice market, some pricing has eased back, especially on pasture fed rumps and some pasture fed cube roll.

This month on the Hot Sheet, we have the JBS Swift Budget Rump on special at $6.99/kg (#28336). This is so versatile, you can use it as an alternative roast, or even dice, strips etc. If more of gourmet roasts is what you’re after, then why not try the Diamantina Platinum Topside. Grain Fed for 120 days, it’s sure to be a hit!

From our Prime butchery team, we have a very special OP Rib. A 500gm Black Angus Rib on the Bone. Grain Fed for 150 days with a marble score of 3+, these are just supreme and a perfect pre-Origin game steak.

For more fantastic Beef specials, take a look at our May Hot Sheet available here, or from your Sales Executive.




Prices are still holding firm on Lamb and with the weather cooling, it won’t be too long before the livestock numbers diminish and prices start to climb.

Despite the uncertainty, we have managed to source a great special on Lamb Racks – Cap Off, Denuded, French Trim (#28309). These are MW/Vac x 2 and at $21.99/kg, represents great value.

For your roasting needs, we have JBS Swift Lamb Legs (#20389) at $10.99/kg. Please speak to your Sales Executive about these and other upcoming Lamb specials.



The Pork market has rallied over the past week and although the majority of supplies have resumed to normal levels, there is still pressure on the supply of Bellies and some Shoulder cuts as the demand for roasting cuts heats up.

On our Hot Sheet this month, our Boned and Rolled Pork Leg Halves (#28183), from Marcelford are at $6.49/kg and are a perennial favourite.

Be sure to check with your QffS/Prime Foodservice Meats representative for these and other fantastic specials for the month of May, or contact our Customer Service Team on 07 3375 2000.










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