April Meat Market Update

April Meat Market Update


Well unless you’ve been living on another planet, you’d be well aware of the severe weather conditions that have hampered Queensland and Northern New South Wales with tropical cyclone Debbie unleashing her fury; firstly crossing the Whitsunday Coast and then making her way inland, turning into a tropical rain depression event which flooded river systems and caused widespread damage across much of the interior of Queensland and the South East corner.

The Fitzroy River is expected to peak in Rockhampton at 9 metres, which will no doubt cause stress on the locals who are about to experience their third flood in six years. Just when the industry was starting to look a little more optimistic, the weather conditions have dampened enthusiasm with producers finding themselves with no means of transporting cattle to either the sale yards or processors. This has pushed the livestock market up with re-stocker cattle being the big movers. This also had an immediate effect on slaughter numbers with a decrease of 22% on YTD figures.

Back in the local market right now, we have managed to secure supply of Beef PR Striploin (#36845) which is competitively priced at $14.49/kg. Use it to cut steaks or a roast – the choice is yours. Either way, it’s great value! From our butchery team, we have 300g Grain Fed Rib Fillet steak (#40060) well priced at $30.49/kg. These are 120-day grain fed and derived from some of Queensland’s best grain fed cattle.

For details on these and other great beef specials, check out our April specials here.


The export demand continues to drive the market and with the exacerbated weather conditions, the market has now been turned upside down with prices suddenly skyrocketing and slaughter numbers plummeting. Most processors have reported a decrease in their kills to less than half their normal numbers anticipated.

This has reflected on to the local market with Lamb Legs and Lamb Rumps bearing the full brunt of the increases with further price movement anticipated as the weather cools even more. It certainly looks set to be a Winter of discontent for many. Thankfully, there are some shining lights on an otherwise gloomy market, as we continue with Lamb Racks French Trim Cap Off (#28693) on special at $25.95/kg. We also have very limited stock of Lamb Shanks (#25137) at $6.49/kg. As the weather is cooling, it would be a wise move to get these now to store up for Winter.


It is still a very bearish market for Pork as prices continue to remain below normal market levels and with the price of Ribs in freefall, there are a lot of opportunities right now for the right product and there is a good chance for a lot of foodservice operators to review their menu.

For our specials, we have a limited quantity of Boneless Pork Tenderloin from KR Castlemaine (#90312) at $9.95/kg. These are extremely versatile and can be prepared a number of ways. Great value again and worth a try today!

For all of the other specials for April, why not contact your MOCO representative today or our friendly Customer Service team on 07 3375 2000 to meat up your menu!

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