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MOCO Meats Update

• Slaughter numbers are beginning to ramp up with favourable conditions prevailing. This should convert into some opportunistic buys for March.
• Rump pricing is still very strong in both export and domestic markets.
Grain Fed Beef is still …


December Meat Market Update


Welcome to the Summer of 2017. According to the bureau of meteorology (BOM) it’s going to be a wetter than average December for most of the South East of Queensland, as well as coastal areas along the eastern coast …


October Meat Market Update


As always, the market never seems to fall short of unusual news, with October proving to be no exception. Last month, there were signs that prices were about to go into free fall. The timing was right with a …


September Meat Market Update


Spring has sprung! With the onset of warmer weather, the deteriorating grazing conditions across most of Queensland due to the dry weather, are impacting on supplies of cattle with most processors slowing down trying to limit losses on cattle …


August Meat Market Report


With more than half of the 2017 calendar down, we begin heading into the pointy end of the year. The fiscal year is over and soon the Winter woolies will find their way back into storage. The Queensland “Winter” …


July Meat Market Update


It seems as though the Winter doldrums have hit hard in the industry. Cattle prices are beginning a slight softening with the EYCI closing at 64c/kg cwt. This is reflective of the drop in exports to the U.S. and …


June Meat Market Update


With just days away from Winter officially starting, it has hardly been recognizable here in South East Queensland, as clear sunny skies and mild temperatures prevail as the mercury goes into the mid 20s. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) …


May Meat Market Update



As we begin the journey into the colder months, it looks as though the trend at the moment is for the slaughter numbers to decline with the MLA January estimate to be approximately 7.1 million head for 2017, …


April Meat Market Update


Well unless you’ve been living on another planet, you’d be well aware of the severe weather conditions that have hampered Queensland and Northern New South Wales with tropical cyclone Debbie unleashing her fury; firstly crossing the Whitsunday Coast and …


March Meat Market Update


It’s the summer that seems to have no end in sight. The continued warm spells in the east have actually provided some relief for processors with a steady number of cattle being turned off in both the Grain and …