Simple and dynamic, is Buttermilk on your menu?

Simple and dynamic, is Buttermilk on your menu?

Buttermilk is a fresh tasting cultured milk with lots of uses.
The cultures in Dairy Farmers Buttermilk are natural tenderisers.
Marinating chicken for an hour is all you need to achieve melt in the mouth tenderness! Use for southern fried chicken, as a marinade, in salad dressings or for Indian-style dishes.
These cultures also act as a leavening agent to add lightness to pancakes, cakes and muffins – producing a light, fluffy result every time. You’ll notice the difference!

Chefs are really catching onto the benefits of using Buttermilk, with volume growing over 40% in Dairy Farmers’ Buttermilk Foodservice trade in the last year!*
Despite its name it’s actually quite low in fat, did you know Buttermilk has only 1.8% fat?
Give it a go and make it your new secret ingredient!

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