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Here are some quick tips to ensure your service levels keep customers coming through the door.

Tip 1: Every customer should be treated as a member of your family. Ie. Make every customer feel important and appreciated. Smiles are free; give them out frequently.

Tip 2: Ensure you know your menu inside and out. Key dishes should have a message or story about the ingredients. Customers will appreciate your menu more, when they know how much effort there is in creating it.

Tip 3: Be responsive and attentive to your customer’s needs. Ie. When a customer is nearing the end of a drink you should offer another. If a customer drops a piece of cutlery, don’t wait for them to ask for a replacement; be there with it ready.

Tip 4: Lead by example: Ensure you and all team leaders set the level of customer service you expect from all team members.

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Angela Hird

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