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Promote Your Venue for Corporate Christmas Parties

Promote Your Venue for Corporate Christmas Parties

When planning corporate Christmas parties, most people are stressed and looking for someone else to shoulder the load. Peers within their own organisation have high expectations, and everyone wants the Christmas party to be bigger and better than the previous years. In addition to these pressures, management usually have a budget in mind, and are looking for good value for money. Here are some quick tips on how you can assist and secure the business for your venue.

Tip 1:

Have two checklists – the first one is for you to note down all key contact information, includig the date of the event, budget requirements etc. The second, is a check list for your customer. This should include tips on how to host a great Christmas Party, and dates to have details finalised by. You could even include local businesses like invitation specialists in your area. Providing a check list to your customer, highlights how organised you are. This will give the customer confidence that by booking an event at your venue, it will be a big success.

Tip 2:

Have options ready – once you have established a budget, hand over the pack of relevant information. This will usually include 3-4 options with some that are all inclusive pricing. Ensure your pack contains room specs, table seating options, a sample menu, parking information, and theming included on the night. Be sure to also include a list of extras like AV equipment (if required). To ensure you are ready to answer any questions about the menu or special dietary needs, speak to your chef in advance and aks what can be done.

Tip 3:

Encourage a visit to your site – when you send a quote to someone before they have seen your venue, the only decision they are making is based on price. Every venue has something that makes them unique and special. Maybe it’s the lighting, the veiw, or a signature dessert that everyone will love. If you don’t have something that will impress, why not consider getting an extra wow factor that guests will love, such as a live social feed into the event.  The person making this booking is under pressure to validate their venue choice and wow their peers. Show them your venue “wow” before they leave.

Tip 4:

Review your entry into the function room – from the moment a guest steps into your venue, this is your opportunity to shine. In the group, there will be a number of potential customers that have not previously eaten at your venue. Have a look at how easy it is for guests to find the right room. Do you have a sign that personally welcomes each group and clearly shows which room they are in? How does your entry to this room look? This is your opportunity to create a great first impression and to set the tone of the room.

Tip 5:

Promote your venue – if you have a great venue well suited to corporate Christmas Parties, make sure you tell people. Advertising can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you choose. Why not use the resources at your fingertips, such as flyers on the bar advertising events, posters on the back of restroom doors, as well as popular social media platforms and facebook marketing.

Your Partner in Foodservice,

Angela Hird

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