… Create an Aussie Day Event

… Create an Aussie Day Event

Struth! Are you looking for some fair dinkum ideas to create an Aussie day event at your restaurant, bistro or café? Here are some thoughts that may assist.

1. Atmosphere:

Start by picking up some cheap Australia day flags, or green and gold balloons  and streamers as a great low cost alternative.

Aussie Slang is funny and always a good conversation piece. Decorate your walls with some of your favourites and watch your patrons talk and discuss their meanings.

Music is another great way of creating atmosphere. Depending on the amount of space you have and budget, a local band may be an option or just a great collection of CDs containing traditional Aussie bands and songs. Ensure you turn the volume up for the iconic songs and have employees singing along with the crowd.  And finally, ensure your team is pumped and ready for a day of celebration.

2. Food:

Create a special menu for the day including meat pies, pavlova, lamb cutlets, prawn skewers, sausages on a BBQ etc.  Depending on your style, this could be made more or less gourmet. Damper is cheap to make and goes down a treat on Australia day.  This could be offered complimentary for all patrons dressed in “Aussie” attire. Ie: Thongs, blue singlets, flannel shirts, Australian Tees, or broad brim hats.

3. Fun:

– The traditional thong throwing is always fun, but for something a little different, why not try a banana?

– No Aussie day celebration is complete without an eating competition. I would use something like Lamingtons, Vegemite on toast, or Tim Tams.

– Pavlova decorating competition with a prize for the crowd favourite. I would use something like a voucher to come back to your establishment for a complimentary meal. Not only will the person come back, hopefully they will bring people with them.

4. Advertise:

Don’t forget to advertise your event! Use social media, local papers and inside your restaurant to let customers know about this exciting event.


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