…Create a great kids menu

…Create a great kids menu

The kids of today are being exposed to a wider range of foods and cuisines.  More parents are asking for smaller portions of adult meals to avoid the use of the traditional kids menu. Culinary shows and healthy eating programs have kids more interested in food than ever before.  This is an exciting trend for foodservice and the opportunity for us to feed the chefs of the future.

Tip 1: Keep some of the old favourites on the menu.  There are many customers and their kids that still love fish & chips, or chicken nuggets and chips. Pick your best selling options and keep these on the menu.

Tip 2: Give some of your traditional favourites a refresh using healthier cooking methods or using more gourmet ingredients. Ie. Chicken Parmy: A small grilled chicken fillet, topped with tomato based sauce and cheddar cheese. Or crunchy crumbed fish in a ciabatta roll with warm hollandaise sauce.

Tip 3: Like us, kids eat with their eyes first and their taste buds second.  Make sure that your kids menu has plate appeal and kids will want to eat it.  Try using fresh fruit and veggies in fun shapes to garnish a great kid’s meal.

Tip 4:  Why not add some cuisine that is also fun to play with. Ie. Build your own Taco’s. This allows kids to be independent while eating plenty of fresh meat and produce items.


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