Cater using canapés

Cater using canapés

Every function is different but following these four top tips will put you on the right path.


1. Figuring out how much to cater for is always a little bit tricky.  Guests and their appetites vary.  As a general rule however, 9 pieces of food per person for a four hour function will cover your party.  How this works is; the majority of your guests will consume 4 pieces in the first hour, 3 pieces in the second and 1 piece per hour after that.

2. Have a variety of textures.   Mix up your menu by interspersing the pastries (ie meat pies, quiches, mini pizzas) with different products eg  steamed products such as mini dim sims or gyozas are perfect.

3. Why not theme your finger food platters?  A common favorite is an Asian themed platter with spring rolls, mini dim sims, gyozas and soy sauce.  Here’s some more ideas to get you started: Indian (pakoras, flat breads, tandoori chicken skewers), Aussie (lamb meatballs, mini pies, bush lemon prawns on skewers), American (mini hamburgers, chunky fries with chili sauce, sticky ribs), or how about Greek (calamari, chicken, anti pasto).  Don’t be afraid to repeat a themed platter later on during your function.

4. Don’t forgot the condiments!  Garlic aioli added to a platter of seafood or wedges adds an extra zing to the dish rather than the old favourite, tomato sauce.  How about onion jam on the side of a cheese platter or plum sauce with meatballs.


Bindi Bradley

Gourmet Food Sampler & Connoisseur



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