…Cater for Gluten Free Customers

…Cater for Gluten Free Customers

It is estimated by the center for celiac research that 1 in 100 people suffer from celiac disease, although 75% of people remain undiagnosed. So the number of customers seeking menus with gluten free options is steadily growing. Whilst it can be difficult to plan and control cross contamination, it is necessary to ensure that you do exclude parties from your establishment.  Here are some quick tips that may help you…

Tip 1: Ask your food service supplier for a list of gluten free products they stock. You may be surprised by the range and variety of gluten free products now available.

Tip 2: Look for individually wrapped items to reduce the risk of cross contamination in your kitchen.

Tip 3: Plenty of common menu items are not centered around wheat based products. These are great to have on your standard menu.

Tip 4: Train your team. Ensure employees know which menu options and alternatives are gluten free. Ensure all of your kitchen team are familiar with how to prepare/cook gluten free product to ensure there is no cross contamination.

Tip 5: Let your customers know. When a restaurant meets a customer dietary needs, they quickly become very loyal. Use all advertising mediums including Facebook, signs, and menu highlighting these items on your menu.

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